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    Saka Cuisine Mode Architecture and Furniture Design Solutions has created an on-site is the brand.

    taking advantage of advanced technology and specialized furniture architecture, the future is always open to development, with raw material input in 1st class quality with its experienced staff in the field of furniture with innovative target to produce products of high quality and standard, offices, factories, banks, business centers, hotels and the needs of all furniture for hospitals wide design knowledge and modern product concept to meet all needs. Mono-block system, run for office ergonomic chairs, modern sofas and corner seats in the designing and production and corporate customers with offers to sell franchises.

    As well as furniture;

      Sights offers unique two-or three-dimensional and literal adherence to the original project application services offered to place into the most appropriate best of the best architectural design solution value to any location with experience in the field of architecture Katıp required for your assessment of your work by making the necessary placements.

    Well-structured management of all the requirements of the needy in collective projects and sales with experienced staff and advanced machinery equipment equipment offers individually evaluating the completeness and timeliness.

Saka Mutfak Mode Architecture and Furniture Design Structure Solutions has been created on a brand. Country ekonomista contribution, while providing the highest quality products to our customers to design the best way to provide environmentally sensitive designs for nature and environmental awareness.

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